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Pro Set Medics was created in 2004 with the goal of providing the Utah film industry the best possible medical services while on set, during construction, rehearsals, and during post production strike

When you hire us to work for your production you will get full time firefighters/EMT's and Paramedics that work in EMS.  They receive constant training and continued certifications through their fire department job, along with real world experience every day saving lives and dealing with true emergency calls.  This give you the BEST trained and prepared medical personnel to cover your production and provide treatment when needed to your cast and crew. 

We undergo constant training to better our skills in customer service, and  preventing possible accidents and illnesses.

We were founded on the principles that a good solution to workers comp claims, illnesses that result in lost days of work, and unnecessary accidents is prevention and proper planning. 

We are fully equipped with Medical Trauma kits, Fanny packs, Splinting and bandaging materials, Medical Oxygen and more when the need arises. 

We Will provide the following services to your production:

Medical care on set
Medical Evaluations
Illness prevention
OSHA Safety
OSHA 300 logs if needed
24/7 availability
Long distance locations availability
Great Customer Service
Follow-up care
Filing Work Comp Claims
Preparing appropriate incident and accident reports
Multiple daily medics if needed
Physical Therapists or athletic trainers when needed

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